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   Hello.  Please continue to send out prayers & positive energy to our world as     we navigate this unfamiliar course during the COVID-19 pandemic.                     Remember to go through the things each morning that you are grateful for.

    I-AYT  (International Association of Yoga Therapists) GUIDELINES.

   The website & newsletter will be updated accordingly as we continue to monitor the       situation.

   REMEMBER, whether you are in the physical presence of a teacher &                 students or in a class or not, your yoga practice is with you & there for you.       All the practices & wellness work that have taken root in your being are             always available to you to navigate losses of all kinds, health scares, life           changes, & fear for your family & for your future. For our future. Your                 practice is already in you & you are EMPOWERED!!  Now there's no excuse       to not take time for some deep breathing & meditation - LOL!!  Start with 5         minutes, then increase as you can.

   We live in a society that wears "busyness" as a badge, & most of the time         feeling guilty or like we should be doing something, when we want, & more       importantly NEED to take some time to be do nothing.  All things, including       humans work/perform more efficiently when "unplugged" for a while.

   Take this time to REALLY gain perspective on what REALLY matters.  Don't       let the need for perfection cause you to overlook good enough!  We are             always trying to squeeze the fun or "me time" stuff into leftover time.  Give       yourself permission to just be, to take time yearned for that hobby or the           things that brings you joy.   Let one of the positives in this pandemic be that     we see the importance to our health & wellness of what we should be -
   A human being rather than so much of a human doing!

  May you be Happy, May you be Healthy, May you be Safe, May you Live with      Ease.   

Let's all stay safe & take care of each other!! God Bless & Namaste, C.C. 😊

April 23, 2020

Hello. I hope that everyone is safe & healthy. In light of Governor Kemp allowing the reopening of some businesses, I have received some inquiries regarding my reopening. While I have made the decision to reopen for scheduled sessions, it is my responsibility as 
a Wellness Professional to follow the state recommendations & also of the organizations & institutions by which I am certified. Due to the nature of the sessions, i.e., hands-on & focused breathwork, the following guidelines will be implemented for the protection of you, your family, fellow clients, myself & our community.  

These guidelines will be implemented as long as deemed necessary to know that we are doing what is needed to be safe, while allowing for your therapy needs. It is understood & respected that scheduling a session is a personal choice, so please do what you 
are most comfortable with. 😊 When you are ready to schedule a session, please text me directly, (not in the group text), or call.   
Also, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Everyone will need to wear a mask & bring your hand sanitizer, which you will apply before your session.
There will be no open group classes until further notice in order to keep the measures at minimal  risk, & 
          will be determined as the recommended guidelines allow.  
Strict studio sanitation procedures will continue to be practiced, with me wearing a mask & gloves.  

These are unprecedented, unsettling, challenging & forever life-changing times on so many levels for the entire world. I hope that we 
all have taken some time for reflection, perspectives & priorities, & will be able to go forward with better understandings & intentions 
of what we know but do not always practice:

That "Life is to LIVE!" – really LIVE – LIVE in the present moment. I find it interesting that "Live", a word with two different definitions depending on the use, has the same spelling, with a profound connection.  It can mean to Live, as pertaining to being alive, & Live, as pertaining to something that is happening at that moment, you are watching it happen, it's not taped, filmed or recorded!!!

The so hard to understand realization that we need to live with the awareness that we CANNOT control everything & that putting our energy into only what we CAN control is an integral path to peace. That sometimes doing nothing is not being 
lazy & is necessary for mental & physical well-being, & giving yourself permission to do NOTHING without feeling guilty. To look at what we can do, not what we cannot do - to look at what we do have, rather than what we do not have. The value & power of family, friends, love, peace, kindness, compassion, positivity, choices, freedom, & prayers, along with Faith, Hope
 & God (or whatever your Divine belief system is). The importance & art of extreme of self-care. The blessings of a hug & human touch. The significance of our most valuable assets, HEALTH & TIME. Striving to continually acknowledge & have 
the wisdom to realize what really matters & that in the end, it's about QUALITY & not QUANTITY. May you have Peace in
 your mind, Ease in your Body, Joy in your Heart.  

 Hugs & much love. Namaste, C.C. 😊